Below, you’ll find information about Anna’s training so far.

Getting Started

Anna Hursey was born on 22nd June 2006. In the summer of 2011, she went on holiday with her mother to Harbin, China. There, she received one-to-one coaching and began developing her table tennis technique.

When Anna returned to Swansea, she continued training at the Penlan Leisure Centre ran by Betty Gray and Roy Towell. It was there that Welsh coach Aled Howell witness how Anna played and began assisting her with training and encouragement.

On Anna's return to Swansea, she trained at The Penlan Leisure Centre, run by Betty Gray, and Roy Towell. Welsh coach Aled Howell saw how she played, and assisted her with training, and encouraged her. 

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Age 5

In Swansea, Anna was also coached by former Welsh champion Andrew Jones at the Mumbles table tennis club. Her first competition was at Burton Uxbridge Table Tennis Club. She competed well and enjoyed playing.

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Age 6

Anna won her first Welsh national title, making steady progress. Assisted by one-to-one coaching from Andrew Jones, she also benefited from input offered by Betty Gray and Roy Towell.

In December 2012, Anna began training with the Cardiff City table tennis club. Anna was delighted to have the opportunity to train more, as the club was open all week and had excellent coaches. At this time, Yongbho Zhang started training Anna as well as the club’s director, Nathan Thomas. Under their guidance, Anna went from strength to strength. As she became more involved with the Welsh squad, she was assisted by the Welsh national coaches, led by Ryan Jenkins.

In June 2012, Cardiff became Anna’s new home as her parents moved to be closer to the club – facilitating her training with the Welsh squad.


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Age 7

Continuing her progress, Anna won her second Welsh national title under the age of 11. She played her first international competition for Wales in Barcelona, Spain.

Age 8

In April 2014, Anna won a silver medal at the International primary schools competition. In the summer, she continued her training in Harbin, China.

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Age 9

Aged 9, Anna was ranked as the number 1 player at under-18 level in Wales. Stephen Jenkins, the Welsh national coach, began coaching Anna on a one-to-one basis. In October 2015, Anna won Woman Player of the Weekend at the Women’s British League. In November, she attended Blaenau Gwent Cadet (the Junior Open) and won the junior category. In the Welsh Euro Challenge, Anna won the singles event.

In February 2016, Anna travelled to Harbin, China, to continue her schooling and table tennis training.

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Age 10

On July 10th 2016, Anna returned to Wales and competed within Europe and England. On September 6th 2016, she returned to China.

In China, Anna’s training regime encompasses approximately 30 hours a week. Anna is fortunate to be training with the second and third team of the Heilongjiang Province, located in Harbin, China. Anna will return to Wales on January 10th 2017.

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Age 12

Anna is now receiving coaching from Stephen Jenkins, Wales National Performance coach; Nathan Thomas; head coach at Cardiff City Table Tennis Club, and the latest edition is Chinese player; Jiawang Song. He has joined the team, usually coaching Anna six days a week, at her training unit at home. 

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